Thursday, 16 May 2024

Reception to mark the 10th Anniversary of Impact 100 SA

It is Rod’s and my delight, to welcome you to the Government House to mark the 10th Anniversary of Impact 100 in South Australia.

We are proud to do so not only in our official capacity, but also as very new fellow Members.

Philanthropy remains a cornerstone of who we are as a community, helping us to navigate to where we want to be by investing in that which we value.

I am proud of how our forebears helped shape our State by fostering a commitment to opportunity, equality, and fairness.

They did so not only through helping to build our churches, educational institutions, and public buildings but by encouraging charity and reaching out to the vulnerable.

Through you, we ensure such philanthropy and compassion is carried forward.

Through you we help bridge the gap between what government and business services can offer and what is needed to address myriad challenges.

Challenges such as homelessness, food insecurity, loneliness, family breakdown and health issues.

Appropriately the theme for this year’s grants is “Tackling Inequality” and we look forward to the shortlisting event and grants announcements later this year.


On such a milestone occasion, it is opportune to reflect on how you have made an impact over 10 years.

The reality is that a seemingly simple but effective fundraising model has supported 30 grassroots organisations with overall funding of more than $2.25 million.

Importantly, you have demonstrated the “power of many” by pooling $1,000 individual donations from up to 100 individuals to make a greater impact.

Alongside that you have helped build the capacity of organisations through advice, mentoring and volunteer assistance.

Moreover, as Members, you have had input into the allocation of funds.

I thank members of the original committee Geoff Day, Julia Steele Scott, Justine Crawford, Clare Randall, Kerrie de Lorme, Stacy Thomas, Niki Vincent, David Simmons and Paul Madden for their vision and drive.

Some are here today, and Clare and Justine are both still actively involved with Impact 100 by serving respectively on the Grants and Membership committees.

Geoff and Julia, while no longer on the board are members and enthusiastic advocates of Impact 100 SA.

To Kathryn House, the Members and Ambassadors over 10 years, thank you for nurturing the original mission.

Rod and I were delighted to see that in action as part of the 2023 Annual Grants Awards Night.

And through the Youth Impact 100 initiative, the value of philanthropy is being cultivated from an early age.

At a reception here in the ballroom, we met those young community builders of the future.

It was clear these school-aged children gained much from giving back and knowing that their individual efforts, when combined, can have a profound impact.

Rod and I wish Impact 100 SA all the best for the next decade and beyond as together we raise the profile and importance of philanthropic giving in our community.

Thank you for “being a part of change.”

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