Wednesday, 24 January 2024

SAPOL Graduation Ceremony

Rod and I are very pleased to be with you as you celebrate your graduation from the Academy.

Congratulations on completing your training!

The past nine and half months have been an intense period of learning for you all, developing the mental, emotional and physical skills to undertake the role of police officer, and the many tasks that come with this work.

You come to the police force with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, which is a strength, both for you and the organisation as a whole.

South Australia Police is one of the oldest police forces in the world, and no doubt you are proud to join its ranks.

As Governor it is my great pleasure to engage regularly with South Australia Police.

I have two Honorary Aides de Camp from SAPOL, one of whom, Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Barnes, is with me today.

The other is Superintendent Darren Fielke who, in addition to his considerable responsibilities as Superintendent, maintains his long serving role as Aide, with distinction.

Other serving police officers perform roles as Honorary Aides de Camp while wearing RAAF uniforms as reservists.

The Honorary Aides play an important role in the operations of Government House, accompanying Rod and me to various events, and assisting at the Australian Honours investiture ceremonies at Government House.

These honours are announced twice a year, on Australia Day and the King’s Birthday, and include recipients of the Australian Police Medal, among others.

The South Australian Police Band, here today, has performed at Government House events several times in recent years, including at my swearing-in and at Open Days, and we greatly appreciate its support.

South Australia Police is also highly regarded by our community.

This was evident by the outpouring of support following the deaths of Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig and Commissioner Stevens’ son Charlie, late last year.

I think most South Australians appreciate the important role the police force plays in keeping our community safe; the skill and hard work this entails - as well as the risks.

As Governor I have observed the close relationship between police and their local communities, particularly in regional and rural areas.

I thank you all for choosing to pursue a career in SAPOL and dedicating yourselves to upholding the law, preserving the peace, and preventing crime.

One advantage of a policing career is the many directions it can take you.

Among you are individuals who aspire to work in diverse areas of SAPOL, including criminal investigations, dog operations, mounted operations, prosecutions, STAR operations, state intelligence and more.

I wish you every success as you pursue these goals within SAPOL.

It is sometimes said, often in relation to leadership, that you can’t be what you can’t see. However, we have all seen what exceptional SAPOL leadership looks like: it has been modelled by Commissioner Grant Stevens and Acting Commissioner Linda Williams.

May you, in turn, offer exceptional leadership who follow you into SAPOL.

I thank the officers who have led your training at the Academy, as well as the organisations which have sponsored the eight awards being presented today.

Congratulations once again on your graduation to probational constables within the South Australia Police.

Thank you for your commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the South Australian community.

I wish you well for the future, and I hope you will have the opportunity to engage with Government House at some point during your career!

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