Sunday, 06 November 2022

South Australia Club Dinner

I am very pleased to be with the Singapore Chapter of the South Australia Club this evening.

Whether you are a chapter member, looking to become a member or are otherwise interested in growing connections with South Australia, welcome and thank you for coming.

As Australia's largest trade and investment partner in South-East Asia, Singapore is very important to South Australia.

We value greatly the relationship we have built over many years, and understand the role of interpersonal connections in growing and enhancing our ties.

As we emerge from pandemic restrictions which have kept us apart, we are well placed to identify new areas for collaboration where we have shared or complementary interests.

The South Australia Club is an excellent vehicle for this.

Since the chapter’s creation in 2016, chapter members have worked enthusiastically to build trade connections between Singapore and South Australia.

As influential business leaders excelling in your chosen fields of endeavour, you are all great assets to our worldwide network, and we are pleased to work with you.

This evening, it is my pleasure to provide an update on developments in our state which may be of interest to you.

Our state’s economic strategy seeks to grow innovation, minimise climate change, enhance sustainability, and develop a highly skilled workforce for the 21st century.

South Australia is already a world leader in renewable energy, with 68% of the state’s power needs met from renewables and a growing number of companies pursuing self-sufficiency when it comes to their energy usage.

In addition, the Malinauskas Government, elected in March, is investing more than half a billion dollars in implementing its Hydrogen Action Plan, which will enable South Australia to be a world leader and major world supplier.

A 250MWe electrolyser, a 200 MW hydrogen-fuelled power plant and hydrogen storage facility are to be operational by December 2025.

South Australia is also developing hi-tech capability through the work of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre, the Australian Space Agency and the SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre.

Innovation precincts such as Lot Fourteen, North Terrace, the Tonsley Innovation District, and Adelaide Biomed City are flourishing.

We are currently developing Australia’s first dedicated space manufacturing hub, the Australian Space Park, which will bring Australian and international space manufacturing capability to Adelaide.

As you are probably aware, South Australia is also home to a world leading food and wine industry.

Our state accounts for almost 80% of Australia's premium wine production, sourced from some of the oldest vines in the world.

This evening I am delighted to launch the South Australian Wine Ambassadors Club here at the Singapore Chapter.

The club was established in July this year to create an international network of enthusiastic advocates for our wine.

The goal is to create an exclusive network of leading wine importers to grow distribution, sales and category presence over the next four years across the Asia Pacific region, led by patrons and renowned wine authorities, Mr James Halliday and Mr Tony Love.

Wine importers are supported by a comprehensive program to increase awareness, education and, ultimately, sales of South Australian wines through inmarket retail and social media campaigns, and educational trade masterclasses.

A key initiative of the club is a visit to South Australia for the importers to experience the very best of South Australia’s renowned wines and regions.

This evening I warmly welcome two of our three Ambassadors here in Singapore: Hai Choo Wines and Spirits, and Ang Leong Huat.

I also extend my best wished to Little Farms, who unfortunately could not be with us this evening.

Thank you for your support for South Australia and its wine. I wish you great success with this venture.


South Australia is open, ready and keen to do business.

We are committed to innovation, entrepreneurship, and building fruitful partnerships for the long-term.

Thank you to all club members for your commitment to growing the South Australia-Singapore Chapter, and I look forward to seeing the club go from strength to strength into the future.

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