Thursday, 13 June 2024

State Dinner for Whyalla

Rod and I warmly welcome you all to Government House.

We thank the many guests who have travelled from Whyalla to be here.

It is our pleasure to honour you, and your city, this evening.

We also thank local guests - the people who matter the most to Whyalla - for your interest in engaging with its community and supporting the city to achieve its objectives.

As Governor it is my privilege to travel throughout our state, building understanding of our regions and showing my support for their people and endeavours.

Rod and I have visited several communities across South Australia whose populations, industries and livelihood have undergone considerable change over the years.

Some of these changes have represented opportunity, and others significant challenge. Hopes rise and hopes fall.

In Whyalla, these movements are pronounced, perhaps more so than any other community in recent decades.

In the face of their challenges, the city of Whyalla and its people have shown remarkable resilience and optimism.

I experienced this firsthand when I visited Whyalla in 2022.

Through migration, mining, engineering and steelmaking, Whyalla helped to build our state and our nation. Great potential remains.

Whyalla has great aspirations, manifested in and by every one of the guests present here tonight.

Whyalla stands prepared to play a leading role in the nation’s green industry revolution and climate change adaptation.

Plans the development of a multi-billion dollar Hydrogen Hub, power station and desalination plant and the prospect of green iron and steel production all build strongly on South Australia’s economic base and leading role in renewable energy and sustainability.

Significant work has been completed, and remains underway, to help attract and cater for the workforce these projects will require, including an airport upgrade, a new Whyalla Secondary College, and a circular jetty unique to the southern hemisphere.

Australian states tend to be capital centric, which can create unintended burden for our regional towns and cities - gaining the attention of Adelaide stakeholders can be a challenge.

I hope this evening facilitates networking and engagement of benefit to Whyalla.

It is my great pleasure to support the development of South Australia’s fourth largest city, and the wellbeing of its people.

I wish Whyalla the very best for the future and Rod and I look forward to visiting again during my term.

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