Wednesday, 25 October 2023

StudyAdelaide 2023 International Student Awards

Rod and I are delighted to be here with you at the StudyAdelaide 2023 International Student Awards ceremony as patrons.

We say a warm hello to those students and family members joining us for the livestream.

The Awards program is in its 13th year and is a wonderful way to celebrate your hard work and achievements.

I thank the hard-working judging panel.

Congratulations to the 23 award winners – students, graduates, and employers.

StudyAdelaide is always innovating and I am pleased to see there is a new award this year for the Employer of the Year as nominated by a student or graduate.

In the past eighteen months, I have travelled to Vietnam, South Korea and Hong Kong attending StudyAdelaide events and have been able to witness first-hand how well regarded Adelaide is as an education destination. Thanks to parents for choosing South Australia.

Students gain a world-class education, but also friendships, cultural understanding, valuable community insights and opportunities for personal development, including as leaders.

Rod and I commend your inspirational resilience, determination, adaptability, and hard work and we thank you for the support you have given each other. It is not easy being away from home.

South Australia loves the vibrancy international students bring and the contribution you make to our community. All 40,000 of you.

We thank StudyAdelaide Ambassadors for their leadership and advocacy.

And we thank StudyAdelaide, in particular Jane Johnson and her team, for ensuring students are welcomed, valued, and enriched.

I hope to see many of you at the upcoming Christmas Garden Party in the Government House grounds.

Rod and I send our wishes and hope you will always remain connected with Adelaide and that you will seek opportunities to develop the relationship between your home country and Australia, whether that be in commerce, the arts, science, research, or people to people links.

You have made a great start on that by studying here!

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