Thursday, 01 June 2023

StudyAdelaide Agents and Partners event - Seoul

It is my great pleasure to be here in Seoul.

This is my first visit to South Korea as Governor of South Australia, and I’m pleased that a focus of this visit is supporting the education and career aspirations of South Korean students.

Through international education, we collectively foster stronger connections between South Australia and South Korea.

When I engaged with representatives of foreign governments as a diplomat, I found education to be the cornerstone of many conversations, and that it was often the most powerful bond between countries.

As Governor, I am proud that South Australia is home to a world class education system, and of the strength of our international education sector.

South Australia is strongly committed to supporting international students to achieve their education and career goals.

This includes the experiences they receive in the classroom, as well as the opportunities provided by StudyAdelaide and other organisations to connect with the community.

During their time in Adelaide, students are supported to create lifelong networks with their peers, as well as connections with businesses and industry.

An example of these connections is the alumni joining us today.

Our alumni create a powerful bond between our people.

You act as a bridge between our two nationalities, having lived and studied in two different cultures.

And you become ambassadors for our state, sharing your experiences of life in Adelaide with your friends and colleagues.

We take such pride in learning where our alumni have fared since their time in Adelaide.

I know the South Australian education institution representatives and others in the room are looking forward to meeting you over lunch.

We recognise the significant economic and cultural contributions that Korean students studying in Adelaide make to our community, and we want to acknowledge the role that you, education agents and alumni of South Australia, play in promoting and advocating for Adelaide as a study destination.

South Australia welcomes the opportunity to continue to host and support students from Korea in their education and career journey.

Our state’s economy is transforming, gaining momentum in health, renewable energy, space, agriculture and critical technologies, to name but a few.

As Governor, I am also StudyAdelaide’s patron.

Each year I meet a large number of international students, welcoming many to Government House to a picnic for homestay families, and a Christmas Garden Party celebration.

The warmth and care of the homestay families that I met in March this year, was testament to the welcoming and multicultural community that we are so proud of in Adelaide.

Adelaide’s culturally diverse community, and its strong sense of welcome to newcomers, is what I think sets our city apart.

It’s at the heart of why Adelaide is consistently voted one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Thank you for your attendance, and your support in sharing the opportunities Adelaide offers to international students.

We look forward to welcoming them to Adelaide and I can reassure you that they will be well looked after.

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