Saturday, 02 December 2023

StudyAdelaide Christmas Garden Party

Rod and I warmly welcome you all to Government House for this Christmas Party.

It’s a great opportunity to unwind and get to know more of your fellow students.

This afternoon it’s our great pleasure to celebrate the conclusion of the academic year with you and all of the hard work you have done.

Most of you would have concluded your studies for 2023, or be very close to doing so.

We trust you have had a productive and enjoyable year of study at high school, university, TAFE or another tertiary institution.

We are also very pleased to welcome in the beginning of the festive season with you all.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, another seasonal festival like Hannukah, a special occasion, or are simply looking forward to a break over summer, we hope you have an enjoyable break planned.

This year, with open borders following the pandemic, we have been delighted to welcome thousands of new and returning students to Adelaide.

As international students, you bring life and vibrancy to Adelaide, and we thank you for your contribution to our community.

South Australians take pride in our multicultural society and the different perspectives it brings.

Our cultural diversity makes us a stronger and more welcoming society.

This year I was pleased to meet alumni of Adelaide’s universities in Hong Kong and South Korea.

They are making outstanding contributions to their home countries, our region and even globally.

This experience reminded me that the best advocates for studying internationally in Adelaide will always be you, our students.

Rod and I hope you have found your time here to be a truly positive experience, and one that you would like to share with your families, friends and extended communities in your home countries.

For the students here today who have completed your studies, and will be shortly returning home, thank you to you and your families for choosing Adelaide for your education.

We trust you will come back often – we would love to see you again.

For students going home for the holidays and returning in 2024 for further studies, we wish you a wonderful break over Christmas catching up with your loved ones in person.

For students who will be spending the Summer with us, we hope you enjoy the warm weather, down time, and many trips to the beach.

Please know there is a community spirit at this time in Adelaide and there is much to experience, even if it is hard to be away from family.

We thank Study Adelaide for supporting you during your time with us and connecting you with aspects of our South Australian way of life.

It’s not easy at first to navigate our healthcare system, adjust to another culture, work part-time, manage budgets and keep up with living costs.

We trust their assistance has made these experiences, and others, just a bit easier.

Have a great evening, and enjoy each other’s company, the activities and food on offer.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

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