Thursday, 27 January 2022

Swearing in of Lieutenant Governor

Welcome everyone to Government House this morning, for the swearing in of Dr James Muecke AM.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you, Dr Muecke, to the office of Lieutenant Governor of South Australia.

As 2020 Australian of the Year, you are well known across the state.

You enjoy an especially strong, positive public profile in our community.

I can see already that this profile results not from any efforts to seek personal acclaim, but rather your extraordinary and outstanding work, both surgical and humanitarian, over many years.

It’s also the result of your warm personality and genuine interest in people, as well as multiple pursuits – from photographer to musician, furniture maker and even author.

As one would expect, your appointment has been widely welcomed in our state, and by both the Premier and Leader of the Opposition.

In their speeches at my own swearing-in ceremony these two leaders reflected on the importance of the vice-regal office and its constitutional, ceremonial and community functions.

In particular I recall the Premier commenting on the growth of the role’s importance in reflecting our state back to its people, to the rest of our nation, and to places beyond our shores.

I recall the Leader of the Opposition observing that the Crown can be an extraordinary force for good, and in addition to this, that the Governor is so much more than the Queen’s representative.

These remarks apply to the Lieutenant Governor, just as they do to the Governor.

I am familiar that, while we have both worked extensively overseas, your experiences have perhaps been more colourful than mine.

I’ve never gone to Africa and been captured by rebels or threatened by lions and hyenas, for example!

While I can reassure Mena and the rest of your family that the role of Lieutenant Governor does not offer adventures of this nature, I assure you it has many other rewards.

I look forward to working with you as we support the many endeavours of our community, advocate for our state’s capabilities, and highlight the strengths and opportunities for everyone living, working and investing in South Australia.

Dr Muecke, welcome to Government House and to public office.

I have no doubt you will serve our state with the highest distinction.

Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC

Governor of South Australia

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