Thursday, 07 March 2024

The Advertiser Woman of the Year Awards

I am delighted to join you this evening, on the eve of International Women’s Day, in celebration of The Advertiser Woman of the Year awards.

I am hard pressed to think of another occasion when I have been in the presence of quite so many truly wonderful women (and some of the men who support them personally and professionally).

The more we identify the women leaders of our community, and celebrate their achievements, the more respect we generate in the community for women’s capabilities, and the more we inspire all South Australian women to dream big and take action to fulfil their potential and help other women do so too.

South Australia’s history of being a first mover in gender equality is a source justifiable pride for our state.

In that tradition, this evening’s finalists are disability and veterans’ rights advocates, medical research trailblazers, STEM luminaries and sports stars, as well as passionate campaigners for people in need.

Your achievements are diverse, yet there is a common thread: that which is possible when dedication and passion intersect.

You remind us that a society’s progress is linked to the empowerment of all its members.

The recognition of your work highlights the progress we have made, but it also underscores the work that remains to be done.

Women still face challenges in professional and personal spheres.

As figures released last week demonstrate, the gender pay gap in corporate Australia persists. And yet the transparency of that data and more to come will, I believe, drive positive change.

In the face of well known challenges, the achievements of our finalists shine even brighter.

For me as Governor, International Women’s Day is a time, the best time, to recommit to gender equality as one of my priorities and to what is necessary to achieve it.

By attending this evening’s dinner, you demonstrate your openness to being part of our state’s continued movement towards positive change, and for this I thank you all - even as I encourage you to test the limits of what it is possible to achieve for gender equality in your current and future roles.

I thank the Advertiser, led by Editor Gemma Jones and Managing Director Melissa Librandi, for running the Women of the Year awards, now in their fifth year, and for bringing attention to the outstanding work of South Australian women.

I have enjoyed opening my paper each morning and reading all about you!

I congratulate the Advertiser and its team of journalists on their recent Walkley Award and nomination as a finalist in the Global Media Awards for the ‘Dying Rose’ series, bringing to light the circumstances of the deaths of five Aboriginal girls and women.

And I thank the Advertiser Foundation for selecting the Kickstart for Kids Period Poverty Program as its charity partner this evening.

I wish you all an enjoyable evening, and best of luck to our finalists.

Your achievements and character are a credit to yourselves, and to our state.

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