Wednesday, 10 May 2023

The Salvation Army 2023 Red Shield Appeal Launch

I am delighted to join you in person this year, having beamed in by video for last year’s launch - by necessity - having had COVID at the time.

I was determined to lend my support to the Red Shield Appeal then, as I do so today.

As Governor, as well as my Constitutional and Ceremonial roles, it is a privilege that in my Community role, I can promote the values and ideals that support a strong South Australia.

I am pleased to join with my fellow South Australians to commend the Salvation Army for being there when people are confronting some of the toughest times of their life and, importantly, to provide hope.

Many people, our vulnerable in particular are being hit hard by soaring bills, rental and housing costs and the price of food.

We see this daily played out in media and social media headlines and we hear from people we meet and people we know.

In its 2022 Social Justice Stocktake report, the Salvation Army reported on the top five social concerns in South Australia – mental health, housing affordability, alcohol and drug misuse, family violence and homelessness and suggests what we can do.

While recognising that these issues take significant effort and courage from people to seek help, thankfully as a community and as individuals we can take action.

I urge you to consider how you can do so in your own spheres of influence.


The Salvation Army has engendered great respect in the community by building trust in its work.

I thank the Salvation Army for addressing not only the struggle for people to put food on the table, pay bills, or put a roof over their head, but also for its mission to tackle the underlying factors that place people in hardship.

It is sobering to know that across Australia, the Salvation Army provides support to someone every 17 seconds.

That support is not only needed to provide a way out of crisis, but also to provide a way forward in life. To build resilience.

Because without safety, stability, and a sense of community, it can be incredibly difficult for someone to get and maintain work, healthcare, education, social networks, and personal wellbeing.

I am encouraged by the number of people aged under 45 – and I see many here today - who are embracing philanthropy as a meaningful way in which to help shape our society today and for the future.

The Red Shield Appeal, as the Salvation Army’s peak fundraising campaign, is widely known and trusted by the community. Thank you for supporting it.

I wish this year’s Appeal every success - so nobody struggles alone.

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