Tuesday, 08 November 2022

University Study Support Association Ceremony, Ho Chi Minh City

It is my great pleasure to be here with you.

My delegation is delighted to be back in Vietnam and, in particular, Ho Chi Minh City.

On this, my first overseas engagement as Governor of South Australia, I am dedicated to fostering stronger connections between Vietnam and South Australia through education and by supporting the education and career aspirations of Vietnamese students.

Among the South Australian people there continues to be strong affection for, and connection with, Vietnam.

People of Vietnamese ancestry are in the top 10 countries of ancestry in our state.

If you asked a South Australian their top 10 favourite cuisines, I have no doubt that Vietnamese would be in the top 5.

This can be attributed to the extensive cultural influence Vietnam has had in Australia.

As a career diplomat for 35 years, I saw that education was the cornerstone of many bilateral and multilateral conversations, and can facilitate a powerful bond between countries.

Education creates new opportunities, and opens up new pathways.

South Australia is committed to engaging with Vietnam and supporting Vietnamese students to achieve their education and future career goals, regardless of whether they are studying in Adelaide or in Vietnam.

The value of an education cannot be underestimated, wherever of one lives in the world.

For this reason, I am proud to support the initiatives of the South Australian government and our state’s education providers, including universities, colleges and schools.

I have had the privilege of meeting many students who have benefited from scholarships and bursaries from Australian government programs, foreign country scholarship programs and private endowments.

I am always inspired by the recipients’ stories, their determination and their ambitions.

I thank the University Study Support Association for their tireless and generous efforts to support as many young Vietnamese as possible to realise their dream of higher education.

I am delighted today to be witnessing several students being presented with their sponsorship on behalf of South Australia, to assist with their entrance fee to university.

Congratulations to you all, and I wish the Association the very best for the future.

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