Tuesday, 08 November 2022

Wine Promotion Event

It is my great pleasure to be here with you today.

South Australia values our international friendship and partnership with Vietnam.

We recognise that Vietnamese consumers are demanding high quality, premium products.

Today, we are focussing on wine.

South Australia's wines are at the heart of the nation's wine industry.

South Australia produces 80 per cent of Australia's premium wines.

We recognise Vietnam as an emerging market for our wines, and seek to work with you to nurture and grow this relationship.

We are delighted to host you for this masterclass.

Whether you are a sommelier, or work in the retail, distribution, food and beverage industries, we value your expert knowledge and advice.

It is a privilege to share with you wine from Penfolds, Hardy's Wine, and other premium wines.

Our state's capital city, Adelaide, is a great wine capital of the world, standing tall alongside Bordeaux and Napa Valley.

This status recognises our wine regions as significant economic and cultural assets.

Some of South Australia's most established and historic wineries are consistently named in the top 50 Vineyards of the World at the World's Best Vineyard Awards.

Our history of wine making goes back to the nineteenth century and is widely recognised for its environmentally, sustainable and innovative practices.

The South Australian Government is committed to creating an international network of passionate advocates for South Australian wine.

We hope you enjoy being part of it.

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