Friday, 10 November 2023

Women in Business Annual Celebration

I am very pleased to be here at the Women in Business Annual Celebration.

I especially welcome participants who have travelled from country areas to be with us.

Congratulations to the program on completing its first year of operation, and congratulations to all of the women here for taking part.

Today is an opportunity for you to network and connect, to celebrate your achievements, and to hear about what’s next for the program.

I encourage you to make the most of the networking opportunities this gathering brings.

As Governor, gender equality is one of my key priorities. I have pursued the advancement of women in my diplomatic career and continue to do so now as Governor.

I am privileged to have the opportunity to engage with business women across many sectors of South Australian society during my regular visits around Adelaide and the broader state: in defence, government, business, the not-for-profit sector, multicultural communities and rural communities.

In doing so I have witnessed women’s considerable capacity for innovation and resilience, adapting to change and showing strong leadership.

I believe the more we identify the women leaders of our community and celebrate their achievements, the more respect we generate in the community for women’s capabilities, and the more we inspire all South Australian women to dream big and take action to fulfil their own potential.

Research shows women in business face different and additional barriers than men in business.

This potentially impacts the number of women who choose to start their own businesses, and how women may be able to run and grow a business here in South Australia.

To our program participants, thank you all for taking the leap to start a business and make your own unique and important contribution to our state’s economy.

Although my background is in government, rather than business, I thought I would share with you some of what I have learned in the hope it may be useful to you.

< keeping your hand in >

< the value of peer mentoring >

< being open to new opportunities >


I thank the Minister and the Office for Small and Family Business for their work to implement the four year Women in Business Program, in which 900 women have already taken part.

I thank the project partners Adelaide Business Hub, behind closed doors and Port Adelaide Football Club for their role in implementing the program.

These cross-sector partnerships will only serve to deepen the knowledge and skills gained by program participants, and widen their networks within the local business community.

I also thank the mentors who have been engaged to offer participants their expertise and encouragement.

I wish the Women in Business Program the very best for its next 3 years, and I encourage all of its participants to reach for their highest potential, both for the benefit of their own lives, as well as our state.

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