Daily Program

Saturday, 9 April 2022

On Saturday morning Her Excellency the Governor departed for a Vice Regal visit to Loxton, where she met with Mr Leon Stasinowsky, Mayor of the District Council of Loxton Waikerie and Mrs Lynette Stasinowsky, and Ms Liz Dymmott OAM, Chair, and Mr Peter Magarey OAM, Coordinator, Loxton Mardi Gras.

Afterwards the Governor viewed the parade at the 65th Loxton Mardi Gras, and, in the afternoon, addressed the gathering, presented awards to Ambassador Program winners, participated in activities and viewed exhibits.

Later in the afternoon the Governor addressed the guests and unveiled a commemorative display at the opening of the Memorial to the Railways of the Northern Mallee, followed by a visit to Cashmore Avenue, where she planted a tree in honour of Sister Patricia Cashmore, and the Open War Memorial at Loxton North.

In the evening the Governor addressed the guests at the 2022 Anzac Dinner hosted by the Returned and Services League of Australia - Loxton Sub Branch.

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