Daily Program

Tuesday, 12 March 2024

On Tuesday morning, at Government House, Her Excellency the Governor received Vice Admiral Jonathon Mead AO, Director-General, Australian Submarine Agency.

Also in the morning, Mr Bunten undertook voluntary work with Meals on Wheels.

Later, at the FIVEaa Studios, the Governor was interviewed by Mr Matthew Pantelis, Presenter, FIVEaa.

In the afternoon, at the State Library of South Australia, the Governor and Mr Bunten attended a performance of ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’, part of the Adelaide Festival.

Afterwards, at Government House, the Governor participated in a virtual meeting with The Honourable Dr Kay Patterson AO.

In the evening, at the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Governor attended the celebration of Bickford’s 150th anniversary.

During the day, members of the Women’s Art Group toured Government House.

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