Sunday, 12 November 2023

2023 Multicultural Festival

It’s wonderful to see so many people here.

I applaud the performers we’ve had on stage and the activities already underway.

As Governor, I have the honour of both travelling overseas on behalf of our state, as well as welcoming foreign delegations and representatives to Government House, strengthening our state’s relationships with the rest of the world.

On these occasions I am proud to promote South Australia’s vibrant, multicultural community and the many benefits it brings to our state.

Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths on the international stage, as it inspires confidence and trust, as well as promoting people-to-people links and opportunities for connection.

As StudyAdelaide patron, I have the pleasure annually of presenting a number of the International Student Awards, as well as hosting an end-of-year event at Government House.

By studying in South Australia, international students bring a wide range of cultures and experiences to our community, and are wonderful ambassadors for our state on return to their home countries.

Rod and I have opportunities to meet regularly with community members and organisations across the State who are working energetically on behalf of multicultural communities.

We have been struck by the extraordinary efforts of volunteers in multicultural organisations, not only to nurture a love of language and culture, but to share that culture with others.

Their willingness to actively contribute to South Australia, whether that’s paving the way for others, overcoming barriers or participating in festivals like this one, is to be applauded.

Each year, it is also my pleasure to host the Governor’s Multicultural Awards at Government House.

These awards recognise a number of these volunteers for their devoted efforts throughout the year.


As a community, we walk together on ancient lands in the footsteps of an ancient culture.

We are a society that has evolved over time with many faces and many voices from many lands; shaping who we are and providing the essential character of our State.

While our story is multifaceted, its elements are increasingly bound together through greater intercultural understanding and greater respect for each other’s values and viewpoints.

This can be seen here today at the Multicultural Festival.

I thank each and every person involved in bringing today’s festival to the South Australian community.

You may be a dancer, a musician, be running a stall, preparing food - or volunteering in a myriad of other ways.

Thank you for your commitment to building genuine friendship, connection and understanding across the many different cultures represented in South Australian society.

I also thank the Premier and Government of South Australia for organising this annual event, bringing together more than 75 community groups showcasing 55 different cultures.

I wish you all an enjoyable day as we celebrate the diversity that makes our state such a special place to be.

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