Friday, 26 August 2022

Legacy Week Appeal Launch Breakfast

As your patron, I am delighted to join you this morning to launch Legacy Week.

As we all know, the spirit of Legacy had its genesis on the battlefields of long ago.

In the trenches of the Western Front during World War I, a soldier said to his dying mate: “I’ll look after the missus and kids”.

This became known as The Promise and it has been kept through the care and compassion of Legacy.

Not only for those families whose loved one paid the ultimate sacrifice, but evolving also to support those who gave their health in serving their nation.

Legacy Week is an important time to reflect on the important role that the organisation plays in supporting veteran’s families.

Statistics paint a picture of the breadth of the work that Legacy SA & Broken Hill undertakes.

It supports:

  • 3,400 widows– the youngest 24 years of age, the oldest 108
  • 144 widows aged over 100, including two who lost their partners during World War 1
  • 100 children and 66 adults living with disability

The oldest widower is 101, the youngest child nine months.

But these facts and figures don’t tell the full story, nor could they.

The story of Legacy is the story of a young mother Vicki who has been helped with fees and school essentials for her daughter and training opportunities for herself.

It is the story of Bruce who became a Legacy ward in 1939 at the age of 14 and was provided a scholarship to undertake accountancy. He remains grateful that his mother and three brothers were shown the way to overcome heartache and disappointment and were given opportunity.

It is the story of the legatees who provide solace, guidance and friendship.

It is the story of Legacy being there, advocating, guiding and helping with financial support.

Because you know. Because you care. Because you have become Australia’s largest family and all that entails.

I give my sincere thanks to the wonderful volunteers who are the lifeblood of Legacy and freely give their time and effort to those who need it most.

Alongside that, the professional services offered by the Legacy Community Services team ensures that complex needs are met.

Education and development activities support 100 young people, providing a light to the future.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of the community.

To all those who during Legacy Week will be rattling collection tins, selling badges, or fundraising in their local communities, thank you.

At this time, as we reflect on the bravery, courage and fortitude of those who served their country, I urge everyone, in any way they can, to give back to the families of those who have given so much to us.

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