Saturday, 16 July 2022

SA Australian Army Cadets Brigade Course Graduation

It is my great pleasure to join you today to review the parade and the pipes and drums.

I am impressed by the level of professionalism demonstrated by you all this morning.

It is testament to your level of skill, as well as the training you have received here as part of the Australian Army cadets program.

That professionalism was also on display recently at Government House during a moving flag-raising ceremony, when Australian Army cadets assisted with the raising for the first time, the Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander flags alongside the Australian and State flags on the new permanent flag deck.

Likewise at the ceremonies at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial and the opening of State Parliament.

I thank Colonel David Lipschitz for hosting this parade, as well as senior cadets, under the mentorship of Warrant Officer Class One Darren Wasley, for its planning and execution.

I also thank Regional Cadet Under Officer, James Attick, for his excellent command of the parade.

To the more than 100 cadets present today: congratulations!

Today marks your graduation from various leadership and instructor courses, also known as promotions courses.

Many of you will now qualify for promotion to Corporal, Sergeant, Warrant Officer or Cadet Under Officer.

From my own diplomatic career, I know promotion to a new rank can be a rewarding experience, marking the completion of one stage of development, and pursuit of the next.

As part of your promotions courses, you have undertaken a series of lessons, lectures and assessments on topics such as leadership, customs and traditions and people management.

These courses have not always been easy, but I trust that meeting their inherent challenges has shown you just how resilient, strong and determined you can be.

After all, there is so much to get out of and to put into being a cadet.

Gaining new knowledge and skills will help you take pride in yourself, as an individual and an army cadet.

I trust that your interactions with the broader community and, if you are a senior cadet, mentoring the younger ones, provides a sense of purpose.

And I hope the new friends you have made, and the opportunity to both to follow and give orders, to be part of a cadet unit and a tight-knit team gives you a sense of belonging.

I thank the adult cadet staff, all volunteers, who dedicate significant amounts of time and energy to supporting the cadet program.

Your leadership and inspiration of the cadets are invaluable.

In addition, I thank the Australian Defence Force staff who provide support to the adult cadets.

Due to the army posting cycle, there has recently been significant turnover of these staff, and new staff coming in have relied heavily on the knowledge and experience of the volunteers.


For those of you who would like to one day join the Australian Defence Force, or an aligned service such as South Australia Police, I wish you all the very best.

For those of you with other ambitions, be confident that cadets provides you with skills and knowledge that you can use throughout your life.

I have no doubt you will all go on to make outstanding contributions to the South Australian community.

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