Daily Program

Wednesday, 31 January 2024

On Wednesday morning, at Eden Hills, Her Excellency the Governor, visited Blackwood High School for a conversation with the student leaders.

Afterwards, at Kidman Park, the Governor addressed the gathering at the South Australian Sports Institute Women’s Coaching and Leadership in Sport meeting.

Later, at Government House, the Governor received Mr Boyd Sparrow, Grand Secretary, Freemasons South Australia and Northern Territory.

In the evening, at Government House, the Governor and Mr Bunten received The Honourable Christopher Pyne, Former Member, House of Representatives, and Mrs Carolyn Pyne, followed by a dinner.

The grounds of Government House will be open to the public tomorrow, Friday, 2 February, as part of the “Lunch on the Lawns” program, including a garden tour conducted by The Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, of which the Governor and Mr Bunten are joint patrons, music provided by the City of Adelaide Pipe Band and The Band from the 10th/27th Battalion, the Royal South Australian Regiment.

During the day, Friends of the Botanic Garden members, who are training to become garden guides at Government House, toured the grounds.

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